Yonsei KLI Placement Test and Results

Regarding the placement test date for each term, refer to Yonsei KLI’s schedule for more information.

On the day itself, proceed to the auditorium (room 121) at 0930 for a short briefing before the placement test. The briefing will be conducted in Korean, English, Mandarin and Japanese. After the briefing, students taking the placement test will then be separated into different classrooms. You will be given a small slip of paper on your way out which indicates the classroom number you have to go to for your writing test. While doing the  test, you will be called out individually for your speaking test held in the next classroom. Students taking the placement test must do both the writing and speaking test.

Those who intend to start from level 1 may also attend the briefing, although it is not compulsory. There will be a separate briefing for you after the rest of the students taking the placement test leaves the auditorium.

Writing Test
– Approximately 13 pages in total
– You need not complete everything, just do as much as you can

Speaking Test
– From easy to tough questions (e.g. What is your name? Which country are you from? Why do you want to learn the Korean language? Where did you learn the Korean language previously? What do you intend to do in Korea apart from studying the Korean language? What is the most popular food in your home country, how does it taste like? Where will you recommend if I were to go on a vacation in your home country? etc.)

Briefing and test will take you about two hours.

Placement Test Results
Results will be released at 1500 on the same day of the orientation.

Placement Test ResultsRefer to the boards located near the entrance of the KLI building on the second floor to find the level you have been allocated to, and your classroom number. You can get your books from the book store on the first floor after you have confirmed your level.


Orientation for English speaking students will be held at the auditorium while Mandarin and Japanese speaking students will proceed to other rooms. Students will receive a student handbook during the orientation.

1. You may pay any outstanding tuition fees to the office by cash or via bank transfer. To check for under or over payment of tuition fees, go to ‘My Page’ after you have logged in to Yonsei KLI’s website.



Alien Registration Card Extension

Previously, I talked about applying for D-4 visa and applying for Alien Registration Card. If you intend to stay beyond the validity date of your ARC, you have to extend your visa at the immigration office. Go to the same immigration office where you first had your ARC done.

Required Documents
1. Passport
2. Alien Registration Card
3. Proof of residence (a lease/ a confirmation of accommodation/  an expiration notification by mail/ a utility bill receipt etc.)
4. Certificate of Enrollment
5. Academic Transcript
6. Tuition fees payment receipt
(No. 4, 5, 6 can be printed at the KLI office for 2,800won; can only be collected on the next working day after 1300)
7. Financial document (only needed if attendance is below 70%)
8. Application form for visa extension (available at the immigration office)
9. Application fee of 60,000won (Do not give the application fee to the immigration officer. Instead, go to the second level and turn to your left, there will be a counter where you can make your payment and you will receive 2 stamps (as below). Give this to the immigration officer as a proof of payment of application fee)


1. You have to extend your visa before it expires or else you will have to pay a fine
2. For example, if you intend to extend your ARC on Tuesday, do make sure that you get your necessary documents printed at KLI office on Monday or the week before. You are recommended to make an online reservation and go to the immigration at your allocated time
3. You will receive your extended ARC on the day itself

After you are done with your course and you feel that you need some extra time to pack your luggage/tour around before heading back to your home country. But your ARC is expiring and since you are done with your course, you can’t extend your ARC anymore. What should you do?

The immigration office allows you to extend your ARC for a month for free, but you can only do it once. Visit the immigration office before your ARC expires and you have to produce your return flight ticket/e-ticket in order to extend your ARC.



Applying for Alien Registration Card

Previously, I talked about applying for D-4 visa. After applying for a D-4 visa in your home country, you have to apply for an Alien Registration Card (ARC) in Korea.

Students who are planning to study for more than one term should apply for the D-4 visa first and it is only a single entry visa. After you have arrived in Korea, you are required to apply for an ARC within 90 days of the arrival date. With the ARC, you are then allowed to leave and re-enter Korea within the validity date. The ARC serves as your identification card which can prove your resident status in Korea.

There are two immigration offices located in Seoul. Seoul immigration office at Anguk (Sejongno branch) and Seoul immigration office at Omokgyo. Seoul immigration office at Anguk (Sejongno branch) services people in the areas of Jongno-gu, Jung-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, Dongdaemun-gu, Jungnang-gu, Dobong-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Gangbuk-gu and Nowon-gu of Seoul. Seoul immigration office at Omokgyo covers all other areas of Seoul except those listed above. So, if you are living at SK Global House, you have to visit the immigration office at Omokgyo.

Directions to Seoul Immigration Office at Omokgyo

Required Documents
1. Passport
2. Photocopy of passport x 1 (can be photocopied at the immigration office)
3. Photocopy of visa x 1 (can be photocopied at the immigration office)
4. Passport photo x 1
5. Certificate of admission (can be printed at the KLI office for 800won; can only be collected on the next working day after 1300)
6. Application form (available at the immigration office)
7. Application fee of 30,000won/33,000won (30,000won to collect in person or 33,000won to have it sent to your mailing address; fees can be paid with cash or card at the ATM on the first level)

Collection of ARC (in Person)
If you choose the mailing option, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you have decided to collect the ARC personally at the immigration office, bring the slip of paper given to you when you applied for your ARC to the second floor of the immigration office. If you can’t make it in person, you can nominate someone else to collect the ARC on your behalf, just fill in the necessary details on the slip of paper.

1. For example, if you intend to apply for the ARC on Tuesday, do make sure that you get your certificate of admission printed on Monday or the week before
2. Go to your respective levels (1F or 3F) to get your ARC done according to where you stay, there will be a board near the immigration office on level 1
3. For those who choose to collect the ARC in person, if you have a mobile number at the time you apply for your ARC, you will be informed about the collection date via SMS. If not, the immigration officer will let you know the date to come back again for collection
4. It will take at least 3 weeks to process your ARC
5. You are recommended to make an online reservation and go to the immigration at your allocated time
6. If you want your ARC to sent to your mailing address, you will need to know your mailing address. For your reference, this is the address for students living at SK Global House:

(Korean version)
서울특별시 서대문구 연세로 50
연세대학교 604동 (SK글로벌하우스) [Room number]호
[Name] [Contact number]
우편번호 03722

(English version)
[Name] [Contact number]Room [Room number], SK Global House (Building 604)
Yonsei University
50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722

Layout of SK Global House

Level 7: Dormitory, study room, lounge
Level 6: Dormitory, study room, lounge
Level 5: Dormitory, study room, lounge
Level 4: Dormitory, AV room, lounge
Level 3: Dormitory, AV room, lounge
Level 2: Dormitory, AV room, study room, lounge
Level 1: Dormitory, AV room, lounge
Level B1: Dormitory, seminar room, lounge
Level B2: Lobby, laundry room, gym, computer lab, restaurants, cafes, convenience store
Level B3: Kitchen
Level B4: Parking lot

1. There is only a microwave in each lounge. If you want to prepare a meal, use the kitchen at B3
2. Yonsei KLI is connected to B2 of SK Global House (after the convenience store)

SK Global House Check-in

After arriving at the lobby of SK Global House, you can find your name with your room number on the paper pasted on the pillar near the front desk. At the front desk, these are the things you have to submit/will receive.

To Submit:
– Copy of passport
– Tuberculosis test

To Receive:
– Keycard
– Housing directory
– Information on SK Global House orientation
– Bed linen (includes 1 blanket, 1 pillow stuffed with straws, 1 pillow case, 1 mattress cover)

1. Each room already has a mattress and a pillow. Make sure that everything in your room is in good condition as you have to submit the housing checklist (found on the last page of the housing directory) to the front desk at the end of the day. You may borrow a vacuum from the front desk if you need one.
2. Daily necessities can be purchased from the convenience store (GS25) at B2. If not, go to Daiso or Grand Mart near Sinchon station, exit 8 (25 minutes by foot from SK Global house).
3. Room heating system will be available till mid April and air conditioning will only be available after mid May

Directions to SK Global House via Airport Limousine Bus

For those who have applied to stay at SK Global House, this is a detailed post on how to get to the location. SK Global House does provide you with some information on how to get to the dormitory but it does not seem comprehensive enough, especially if this is your first time to SK Global House. I hope you will find the following information useful.

Directions to SK Global House

At Incheon International Airport, look for exit 5B or 12A and board bus 6011. In front of the bus stand, there is a board showing the route map and scheduled departure time of the bus. The bus will depart every 30 minutes or so.

Airport Map

The airport ground staff will help you load your luggage into the trunk and give you a luggage tag. You can present it to the driver upon getting off the bus and he will get your luggage out from the trunk. The bus fare will cost you 10,000 won. You can either pay by cash to the bus driver or tap your T-Money card (if you have one).

To get to SK Global House, get off at Ewha Womans University Back Gate (NOT Yonsei University) as it will be closer to the dormitory. The bus ride will take you approximately 50 minutes to an hour.

6011 Bus Route
The journey from Ewha Womans University Back Gate to SK Global House will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes, if you are having your luggage with you.

Finally, a general view of how to get to SK Global House from Ewha Womans University Back Gate.

Route to SK Global House

Applying for On-Campus Accommodation

In this post, I will talk about the application procedure for SK Global House (single).

Firstly, you may wish to check the schedule and create an account before the first day of application as this will save you some time on the day itself. You can create your account after you have received your admission package as you are required to fill in your Yonsei University student number or admission number (which can be found on the certificate of admission).

On the day of application, fill out the online application after clicking on ‘SK Global House’. I suggest that you sign up for the accommodation as soon as possible.

SKGH Application

Results will be out at 6pm KST on the day of result release, click on ‘My Page’ for the outcome. Under ‘Status’, if the word ‘Pass’ shows up, this means that your application is successful. To make your payment, click on your housing application number to find the payment details. Do remember to make your payment before the due date.

SKGH Application PassAfter your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Again, go to ‘My Page’ and click on your housing number to double confirm. You may also check if there is any under or over payment of accommodation fees. Any additional payment or refund can be done upon moving in.