Yonsei KLI Placement Test and Results

Regarding the placement test date for each term, refer to Yonsei KLI’s schedule for more information.

On the day itself, proceed to the auditorium (room 121) at 0930 for a short briefing before the placement test. The briefing will be conducted in Korean, English, Mandarin and Japanese. After the briefing, students taking the placement test will then be separated into different classrooms. You will be given a small slip of paper on your way out which indicates the classroom number you have to go to for your writing test. While doing the  test, you will be called out individually for your speaking test held in the next classroom. Students taking the placement test must do both the writing and speaking test.

Those who intend to start from level 1 may also attend the briefing, although it is not compulsory. There will be a separate briefing for you after the rest of the students taking the placement test leaves the auditorium.

Writing Test
– Approximately 13 pages in total
– You need not complete everything, just do as much as you can

Speaking Test
– From easy to tough questions (e.g. What is your name? Which country are you from? Why do you want to learn the Korean language? Where did you learn the Korean language previously? What do you intend to do in Korea apart from studying the Korean language? What is the most popular food in your home country, how does it taste like? Where will you recommend if I were to go on a vacation in your home country? etc.)

Briefing and test will take you about two hours.

Placement Test Results
Results will be released at 1500 on the same day of the orientation.

Placement Test ResultsRefer to the boards located near the entrance of the KLI building on the second floor to find the level you have been allocated to, and your classroom number. You can get your books from the book store on the first floor after you have confirmed your level.


Orientation for English speaking students will be held at the auditorium while Mandarin and Japanese speaking students will proceed to other rooms. Students will receive a student handbook during the orientation.

1. You may pay any outstanding tuition fees to the office by cash or via bank transfer. To check for under or over payment of tuition fees, go to ‘My Page’ after you have logged in to Yonsei KLI’s website.



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