Alien Registration Card Extension

Previously, I talked about applying for D-4 visa and applying for Alien Registration Card. If you intend to stay beyond the validity date of your ARC, you have to extend your visa at the immigration office. Go to the same immigration office where you first had your ARC done.

Required Documents
1. Passport
2. Alien Registration Card
3. Proof of residence (a lease/ a confirmation of accommodation/  an expiration notification by mail/ a utility bill receipt etc.)
4. Certificate of Enrollment
5. Academic Transcript
6. Tuition fees payment receipt
(No. 4, 5, 6 can be printed at the KLI office for 2,800won; can only be collected on the next working day after 1300)
7. Financial document (only needed if attendance is below 70%)
8. Application form for visa extension (available at the immigration office)
9. Application fee of 60,000won (Do not give the application fee to the immigration officer. Instead, go to the second level and turn to your left, there will be a counter where you can make your payment and you will receive 2 stamps (as below). Give this to the immigration officer as a proof of payment of application fee)


1. You have to extend your visa before it expires or else you will have to pay a fine
2. For example, if you intend to extend your ARC on Tuesday, do make sure that you get your necessary documents printed at KLI office on Monday or the week before. You are recommended to make an online reservation and go to the immigration at your allocated time
3. You will receive your extended ARC on the day itself

After you are done with your course and you feel that you need some extra time to pack your luggage/tour around before heading back to your home country. But your ARC is expiring and since you are done with your course, you can’t extend your ARC anymore. What should you do?

The immigration office allows you to extend your ARC for a month for free, but you can only do it once. Visit the immigration office before your ARC expires and you have to produce your return flight ticket/e-ticket in order to extend your ARC.




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