SK Global House Check-in

After arriving at the lobby of SK Global House, you can find your name with your room number on the paper pasted on the pillar near the front desk. At the front desk, these are the things you have to submit/will receive.

To Submit:
– Copy of passport
– Tuberculosis test

To Receive:
– Keycard
– Housing directory
– Information on SK Global House orientation
– Bed linen (includes 1 blanket, 1 pillow stuffed with straws, 1 pillow case, 1 mattress cover)

1. Each room already has a mattress and a pillow. Make sure that everything in your room is in good condition as you have to submit the housing checklist (found on the last page of the housing directory) to the front desk at the end of the day. You may borrow a vacuum from the front desk if you need one.
2. Daily necessities can be purchased from the convenience store (GS25) at B2. If not, go to Daiso or Grand Mart near Sinchon station, exit 8 (25 minutes by foot from SK Global house).
3. Room heating system will be available till mid April and air conditioning will only be available after mid May


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