Applying for D-4 Visa

After you have received your certificate of admission, you may now apply for a visa. Students taking up two terms or more should apply for a visa.

Do note that the visa is only valid for three months, starting from the date of issue at the embassy. This means that you have to enter Korea before your visa expires. So for example, if your class starts in March, you may wish to apply for your visa sometime in January.

The embassy can only issue a single-entry visa. Foreigners are required to apply for an Alien Registration Card (ARC) in Korea within 90 days of the arrival date. You are allowed to leave and re-enter Korea within the validity of your ARC.

Embassy of the Republic Korea to the Republic of Singapore
Address: 47 Scotts Road, #16-03, 04 Goldbell Towers, Singapore 228233
Nearest MRT: Newton station, Exit A
Visa application and collection: 0900 – 1130, Monday to Friday

Required Documents

Visa Required Documents

Fees: $86 (cash only)
After four working days, including day of submission

1. The visa application form can be found online or at the embassy
2. Please ensure that the account holder’s name, bank account number, all transactions made within the last three months, and the remaining balance are clearly reflected on the bank statement.
3. Applicant may submit his/her parent’s bank account statement for visa application. In this case, please provide your birth certificate (original and copy ) for relationship verification.
4. All original documents (except certificate of admission) will be returned to you

You may refer to their website for more information


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